Friday, July 31, 2009

Double Crossed Legs



I have decided to create a simple web page dedicated to Double Crossed Legs.

I have seen sites dedicated to crossed legs, but so far not one is based solely on double crossed legs.

Double crossed legs are a sitting posture that is not so commonly seen and the few who does is normally females.

When u double crosses your legs, you first cross your legs at the knee that is, you put one leg on top of another at the knee then you cross the top leg under the bottom leg at the ankle.
Now almost everyone can cross their legs but not everyone can double cross it, especially if you got muscular or fatty legs.

I find it extremely attractive and feminine when a young lady with beautiful slender legs sit with her legs double crossed; I just can’t stop staring at it or at least can’t resist taking frequent peeks at her legs.

Just like someone said on the internet they are like “little vines intertwining each other”, and when you look at it, you know that’s going to be extremely tight. And often you will see that the bottom leg has gotten slightly purplish because alot of pressure is created by the compression of the top leg.

This one below is my favorite double crossed legs. Smooth, slim legs with all the sexy curves exposed. You can see that there is no apparent gap between her legs and both her feet is pointing inward and also sort of curvy making it looked extremely tight. You can see the rest in the photo gallery
. (I got all the pictures from different sites.)

If every pretty gals were to sit like the girl above, man I’m really gonna faint!! Nah, just joking. But anyway those legs are so cute :)

So far I’ve only seen one skinny guy who double crossed his legs but it was brief, he probably is just trying to stretch his legs or something like that. And as for ladies, I’ve seen firsthand about only 30 of them that double crosses their legs in my about 20 years of living. Almost all of them appear to be below 30 years old and all of them have very skinny legs.

(My Curiosity)

Sometimes I wonder a lot about double crossed legs. I know it sounds kind of weird, yes I have fetishes towards double crossed legs and I’m pretty sure that a lot of guys also do have, it’s just that they kept quiet to prevent looking like a pervert. Many a times I thought of interviewing these wonderful girls but was actually too afraid to do so. Maybe ladies can quench our curiosity
by answering these questions:

1.) How do you first notice about double crossed legs?
2.) Do you like to double cross your legs?
3.) Do you prefer to cross or double cross your legs?
4.) How it feels like to double cross your legs? Comfortable?
5.) Other reasons why you double cross your legs
6.) How often do you double cross your legs? Does it become a habit to you?
7.) Do you find that double crossed legs look weird or attractive?
8.) Does crossing or double crossing your legs have to do with what you are wearing?

(My take on some questions)


1.) You saw a gal besides you getting her legs all twisty and thought maybe you can do that too.
2.) You play around with your legs while it’s crossed and got all tangled up.
3.) You felt like to use the washroom but was at that time not able to and so you sort of do it by


I know most gals almost always cross their legs when they sit but the strange thing is that I don’t often see gals who cross their legs twice. Maybe they are not aware of it, maybe they don’t find it comfortable, or maybe they thought it look kind of weird to do so.


1.) You feel comfortable.
2.) It makes you feel safe and secure.
3.) You don’t want to expose you know what.
4.) To lock your legs together so that it won’t slip away.
5.) You need to use the washroom very badly.
6.) You believe it is the proper female sitting posture.
7.) A habit.
8.) You believe it looks attractive and this can attract some attention.
9.) You feel more than just comfortable.
10.) others

(Three things that really turn me on (besides being pretty))

1.) Wearing mini-skirts
2.) Cross or best still double cross your legs
3.) The gap between the thighs when both knees are to put together

An interesting site providing insights into why man get aroused when women wear mini-skirts.

(Am I capable of crossing my legs twice? )

I used to be able to do it when I was young but it’s not like I love doing it or what since I’m a male and so I got that extra nuts between and it hurts if I make it too tight, plus I personally don’t think it looks nice on guys. Now that I have a bigger build, if I want to I will have to put in extra effort and I don’t see the point in doing that since what I enjoy is looking at gals double crossing their legs not doing it myself. By the way don’t think that I’m some crazy pervert who go wild when gotten aroused, normally I just quietly appreciate those feminine legs without those dirty thoughts.

(Double crossed legs that left me with vivid impressions)

(My math teacher)

Let’s call her Ms Carey; she’s my maths teacher when I was 13. She has a habit of sitting on her desk whenever she calls the students to work out math problem on the board. But besides just sitting on her desk, she will never fail to sit with her legs crossed twice. She was pretty, always wearing a skirt and was around her 20s I guess. What made me remember her so well is that since she always sat on the desk and double cross her legs, her interlocked legs were hanging freely and for reasons that I’m not sure of, she has a habit of shaking it to and fro, sometimes slowly and sometimes vigorously. Another thing I notice is that she often crossed her right leg over her left and since her legs were left hanging in the air you can imagine how much pressure is on her bottom leg. And no doubt I made frequent peeks on her legs (ya I know I wasn’t concentrating -_-) and you probably would have expected, Its dark purplish!! I thought her legs gonna be dead after she gets up due to that pressure. It’s also obvious that her legs were bonded up freakingly tight, you can see her whole feet popping out from another side curving upwards. But when she gets up, she appeared normal and I can see the red marks still left on her left leg, it looks kind of nice though...

(my classmate)
Amanda was my classmate when I was 16; she is slightly skinny but not too skinny, faired-skin and quiet most of the time. What she’s different from others is that she always goes all the way, meaning that when she double crosses her legs, she often tried to sort of gets her leg fit together as tight as possible. She sort of put her legs to the side and curls her lower feet upwards and against the other ankle and after its tight enough she would pull her whole joint legs back to position. I’m lucky that I actually sat behind her and am able to take occasional peeks at her legs.

(Three essential criteria for the perfect 2xcrossed legs)

1.) It must have minimum gaps between the upper and lower leg
2.) It must be twisty and tight enough; you can see the other feet appearing from another side
3.) It must look comfortable; if it looks shaky like it’s on the verge of slipping away then it’s not perfect.

(Cute and pretty anime girls)

My all time favourites

All from the video game super robot wars.

(More to come)

Somehow I just find that a lady’s double crossed leg is so attractive, so sexy and feminine yet it also looks so innocently cute. It also gives an impression that there is some mystery behind it.